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3D SCANING 3D MILLING 3D Scanning is a fast and accurate method of obtaining a physical part and measuring it. This scan data, as it is typically known, can then be accurately measured and/or surfaced.Any device that can capture this scan data is referred to as a 3D Scanner . The Baces3D arm with Kreon Solanolaser scaner which are used by Ronika, and which have been tested to a required standard of accuracy.
Our main business is master models, moulds and prototypes milling for fiberglass production industry.
Our machines: 6-axis Motoman robot , 3-axis router (dimen. 5000x2000x250mm.), 4-axis router (dimen. 4100x2100x650mm).

If you need to manufacture exposition and commercial stands, volumetric letters and signs, decorative interior and exterior elements from PU or another foam,wood, aluminium and other complex shape parts, please contact with us by email arturas@ronika.lt. We provide professional milling and engraving services on:

•Furniture panel
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