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UAB “Ronika” is expanding business opportunities


UAB “Ronika” informs that the company’s development project “E-business Solutions for Increasing Operational Efficiency of UAB “Ronika” received aid from the EU Structural Funds on the basis of e-business measure (project No. VP2-2.1-?M-02-K-02-124). Up to LTL 30,125.00 will be allocated for the implementation of the project from the European Regional Development Fund. The implementation of the project commenced on 12 November 2012; planned activities are to be completed within 9 months.


The aim of the project is to increase the company’s productivity by optimizing the management of internal and external business processes of the company. During the implementation of the project, the company establishes a business management system, develops specialized customer relationship management (CRM) system that meets the needs of the company and implements solutions necessary for automation of manufacturing process management as well as their integration into common electronic management system of the company. Information technology used for the purposes of management in some cases will allow for replacing human workforce with automated programs to reduce errors, save time, collect and analyze feedback data, plan more effectively, reduce the risks, improve service quality and meet the needs of customers better.